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Image by Mayberry Photography

Hi , i'm Amy! 


Hi I'm Amy! 'A.M.' are my initials (Amy Melissa). I am an adventurous mother of three who enjoys nature and spontaneous outings! 


 I love connecting with people on a deep level and will most likely try to become your best friend (I can't help it I'm a Gemini). I enjoy dancing and all kinds of music and will definitely create my own lyrics to songs because I can never remember them. If you do a session with me, there is a BIG chance you will hear me sing - terribly I might add! But it makes me happy!

My love of photography goes back to when I was about 13. That's the first time I held a film camera in my hands. When I was in high school, I set up a darkroom in my bathroom. Seeing the first image appear through the developer sealed the deal for me, igniting a lifetime of passion in the world of photography.

I am passionate about creating images that move my soul.. I love creating images with deep feelings and emotions., small and overlooked details., big and magical love. It brings my heart incredible joy to create in this way.


I can't wait to learn a little more about you too. Here's some of my own personal work.!


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