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America The Poor

Stories and Photographs of Truth & Hope

Why is there so much poverty in the land of opportunity? Why are there so many people at the top while millions (38.1 million and this doesn't include the homeless) struggle to pay for the basic necessities? Why is more expensive housing on the rise while more affordable options have dropped?Why do some people still perpetuate the 'boot strap' myth, where people just need to 'work hard' to make it in this world?

For many living in the US, the American Dream is an illusion. An unattainable way of life, a myth spread by those privileged enough to experience it. The conditioning around this idea of the American Dream begins early on and is driven by consumerism, greed and power. Keeping people at the bottom often benefits those at the top. What if this American dream narrative was completely wrong? What if we had the power to collectively change this?

This photo and story series aims to explore these ideas through the words of those affected and often marginalized as a result of poverty in our area.

Crystal Meggett and her family.

“What’s important to me is to become stable and self-sufficient. I just want to provide more stability for my children. I’m going back to school to obtain a job with a living wage. My life hasn’t been the hardest. I have faced eviction. I have had disconnection. I’ve had to sit and worry about whether my kids would have food. But my husband always lifts me up and reassures me it’s going to be OK. Our family is really close. We stand behind each other through good times and bad. My faith give me hope. God is always there. He is going to pull us through. My faith is stronger, that helps a lot.”

If you would like to participate in this photo and story project, please email me directly: with the subject: photo project.

This project is partnering with the non-profit: Families Forward Charlotte whose mission is to partner with families living in poverty in Mecklenburg County, NC. They provide individualized mentoring, educational opportunities and essential support as they walk alongside each family on their journey toward long-term stability and economic mobility. More about the work they do:

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